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How would you like to be part of inspiring the world? ...
... We’re dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives and we’d like you to join us.

If you would like to write a Wisie, whether it’s about Success, Love and Relationships, or if you and your children would like to work together to write a wonderful Wisie for Children**, we would love to receive it.

Join our family and join our cause. Help us inspire the world.

** Because we believe that children who want to inspire the world should be given an outlet for their heart's expression, we will publish the text portion of the Wisies written by children on the site.  It is our hope that this will give children more than just the thrill of being a "published author". We delight in the possibility that it will fuel a child's inspiration to continue developing his or her gift for inspiring self-expression.

Those Wisie scripts that our production team believes to work best for a Wisie video format will be produced as an official daily Wisie. What that means is that we will put pictures and music with them and acknowledge your child as the author. If a script is NOT selected for this purpose it has absolutely NO reflection on the merit of the script itself.
We will not publish Wisies submitted by adults except for those chosen to become an official daily Wisie. We will notify you if we choose one of your Wisies for the official daily Wisie. And, of course, we will acknowledge you as the author of the Wisie.

To submit a Wisie (text only), please click